Here on Westbound Wiki, we love seeing new faces... er... usernames. Learn more here.

Advantages for YouEdit

  • Signing in hides your IP address and thus your location
  • You see few ads while logged in
  • The Wiki will email you (unless you uncheck the preference) when someone writes on your wall, answers your forum posts, or changes a page you "follow"
  • You have the option to upload a picture to use as a forum avatar or even personalize your profile page

Advantages for UsEdit

  • We see your username, not your IP address
    • We feel like we're dealing with a person, not a number
    • We remember usernames much better than IP's
  • If you have a dynamic IP or log in from someplace different, we won't know you're the same person unless you're logged in
  • If you use the same Internet as someone else who visits, we won't be able to tell you apart unless at least one of you logs in (for example, someone else in your household)

How ToEdit

Go to the User Login PagePlease either check the "Remember Me" box or log in every time you edit or post (or want to hide a few Wiki ads). You can use the same username and password for all Wikia sites.

  • When viewing the full site (not mobile mode), there is a link in the upper right that takes you there.
  • In mobile mode, tapping the head icon brings you to the right page.

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