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For an introduction, please see Quest Series.

Last updated May 24, 2015 with series through May 22

The Quest Series Tree shows how Regular Quest Series depend on other Series. You must do part or all of the first Series to be given the second, and so on. Each link brings you to a walkthrough.


  • Where the tree is continued below, it has been moved left to fit on the page.
  • Quest Series are listed based on dependencies, not release dates
  • If there is no link, we are still working on the walkthrough.
  • Quest Series do not depend on Limited Edition (LE) Series, so they are not included. However, most LE Series depend on Our Journey Begins.

Regular Quest Series 1Edit

Regular Quest Series 2Edit

Regular Quest Series 3Edit

Regular Quest Series 4Edit

Regular Quest Series 5Edit

Regular Quest Series 6Edit

Regular Quest Series 7Edit

Regular Quest Series 8Edit

Regular Quest Series 9 Edit

Regular Quest Series 10 Edit

Regular Quest Series 11Edit

Regular Quest Series 12Edit

Regular Quest Series 13Edit

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