Note: due to technical and life issues, this area is not being updated. Information on many regular series is available, but newly added series cannot currently be documented. 

Quest Series make up the primary gameplay of Westbound. Quest Series are a sequence of guided tasks that the player must perform under a theme or storyline. Series are provided to the player by the various Helpers in the Canyon, and provide story, characterization and narrative for the game. They're also used to introduce new game concepts and characters. They have multiple Quests, each containing one or two tasks the player must perform.

Limited Edition (LE) Series also have time limits. Most may only be done during the 3-4 days from the time they are released. Each month, one is released that may be done until the end of the month. After the time limit, the player gets an "expired" flag and the option to extend the Series for 2 to 6 Gold. The option may not last long. If extended, a Series will never expire, although the house availability will become an issue. Many players can wait for the house to reappear for the duration of a future 40% to 60% off sale. This is not guaranteed, however, and you may wish to skip the house step in this circumstance.

Note that release dates are all Pacific time. A few series have been released at 11:00 pm Pacific time. They would not be noticed by many players until the next day. We are representing them the way we find them in the database. Presumably, Westbound stores times in Pacific time because Kiwi, Inc. (the original developer of the game) is headquartered in California.


Limited Edition SeriesEdit

Includes any LE Trailsweeper "Sojurns"
Updated Feb 27, 2015 with series through Feb 26

Regular Quest Series (Table format)Edit

Includes Trailsweeper
Updated May 24, 2015 with series through May 22

Quest Series Tree (Regular Series in Tree Format)Edit

Includes Trailsweeper
Updated May 24, 2015 with series through May 22

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