Hark! A Harp!
A Night On The Town, Assay AstrayMaking A Baker
Release Date: October 22, 2014
Number of Pickaxes: 6-14
Minimum Amount of Time to Uncover Items in the Canyon: 22:00:00
Quest Structures Uncovered and Built:
Tennyson's Boat
Catalogue Items Purchased, Built, or Planted:
Structures and Collectables Needed:
What the Colors Mean:
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QUEST: Dreadfully DramaticEdit

Ms. Emma: Charity has seemed in rather low spirits these past few days. Let us construct a lesson for her benefit!
Follow Emma to the canyon.

Tap the Canyon to Explore.

Pickaxe med: 2
Clear the debris.

Tap the area to clean.

Clock med: 04:00:00
Charity: Oh dear, do not waste your energies on me.

There is nothing to do in this dreadful canyon; I shall simply waste away.

“She should concentrate more on the good and lesson the bad!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: River ReconstructionEdit

Ms. Emma: There is always something to do if you know where to look!

Here, come gather river flora with us. We shall use it to reconstruct a beautiful medieval scene!

Accompany Emma and Charity to the river.

Tap the River Raft to Explore.

Pickaxe med: 1 - 3
Gather river plants.

Tap the River Reeds to Collect. (1x)

Charity: A beautiful medieval scene, you say?

You have picqued my interest! I do adore men in shining armor.

“She gathered flora to fauna over the knights!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Lady of ShalottEdit

Ms. Emma: Today we will be reading "The Lady of Shalott", by Alfred Lord Tennyson.

The poem begins with the Lady cursed to weave the beauties of the world through a mirror in her tower on the isle of Shalott.

Embellish the river scene.

Tap Tennyson's Boat to Upgrade.

Clock med: 02:00:00
Charity: Surely she captured my beauty in her tapestries!

I kid, I kid. But do go on, I am mightily interested to hear the rest!

“The Lady must've become rather reflective!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Broken Boat, Heavy HeartEdit

Ms. Emma: One day Sir Lancelot came along, and upon seeing him in the mirror the Lady leapt to her window and was instantly cursed!

She then cast herself into a boat and sailed herself down the river, whereupon Sir Lancelot found her dead.

Search the river for the Lady of Shalott's boat.

Tap the River Raft to Explore.

Pickaxe med: 1 - 3
Retrieve the Lady's boat.

Tap the Old Boat to Collect. (1x)

Charity: Her boat is broken, just like her heart was...

How terribly sad, that the Lady could not appreciate the world. What a life to live!

“When does Sir Lancelot practice? Joust at knight!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Unfettered Frontier FateEdit

Ms. Emma: It is indeed terribly sad, Charity, but it is also all the more reason for you to live your new frontier life to the fullest!
Dredge up the old boat with Charity. Put your back into it!

Tap Tennyson's Boat to Upgrade.

Clock med: 08:00:00
Charity: You're absolutely right! How thrilling the uncharted West is, with all of its possibilities.
“Charity's like a horse -- her life is on track now!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Sir SearchEdit

Charity: Come, sugar! Let us rebuild the boat with haste!

I simply cannot wait to meet my own Lancelot!

Visit the Old Mine for boat repair materials.

Tap the Old Mine to Explore.

Pickaxe med: 1 - 3
Hastily retrieve the hammer and nails.

Tap the Hammer & Nails to Collect. (1x)

Charity: Who do you think my Lancelot will be? Marshal Harlan? Carson?

Or will it be Private McManus? I do love men with titles!

“Knights are in low demand because of their 'Sir charge'!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Curse AverseEdit

Ms. Emma: Friend, I am afraid for Charity's safety. Surely she must realize that the Lady's boat has also been cursed!
Warn Charity of the curse!

Tap Tennyson's Boat to Upgrade.

Clock med: 02:00:00
Ms. Emma: Charity! Miss Charity, you must away from that boat at once! You musn't curse yourself!
“Hold the boat -- it will keep the curse at bay!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Insufficient InvestigationEdit

Charity: Oh dear, I feel rather strange all of a sudden. Be a dear and retrieve the final boat materials, will you?
Collect the final boat materials from the Old Mine.

Tap the Old Mine to Explore.

Pickaxe med: 1 - 3
Retrieve the tapestries for Charity.

Tap the Tapestries to Collect. (1x)

Ms. Emma: Don't do it, Charity! We have not sufficiently investigated this phenomenon -- there's no telling what will happen!
“Perhaps nothing will happen! Nobody knows!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Tiring TapestriesEdit

Charity: I am so very, very tired...

Lay the tapestries in the boat, will you? I feel like I must nap at once, and they look ever so inviting...

Set the tapestries in the boat for Charity.

Tap Tennyson's Boat to Finish.

Clock med: 06:00:00
Ms. Emma: Oh no, her boat has begun sailing downriver!

Come, friend! We must follow her at once!

“Maybe she had to stop off at a river bank!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Ain't No KnightEdit

Charity: I know not how long I've slept for, but I feel as if I am in the presence of a noble knight! My curse has been lifted!

Yoo-hoo, my knight in shining armor! I'm right here!

Draw the knight's attention with Charity!

Tap Tennyson's Boat to Harvest. (1x)

2 Gold med to skip
Gus: Hehe, I ain't no knight! It's jest me, Gus Goldtooth!

Though I do 'preciate the compliments, Miss. I ain't felt this spry in decades!

“Tennis players are used to backhanded compliments.”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

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