Cross-Town Competition
Thunder Blunder, Bowling BullyDesperate Measures
Release Date: September 30, 2014
Number of Pickaxes: 10-14
Minimum Amount of Time to Uncover Items in the Canyon: 28:00:00
Quest Structures Uncovered and Built:
Poe's Raven
Catalogue Items Purchased, Built, or Planted:
Structures and Collectables Needed:
What the Colors Mean:
Quest Dialog Old Mine Instructions Quest Instructions Quest Completion Dialog and Reward
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QUEST: Poem SelectionEdit

Ms. Emma: Today we welcome yet another student of the arts: Norma!

Do lead the way, dear; I place great trust in my students' poetic selections.

Help Norma find a poem she finds interesting!

Tap the Canyon to Explore.

Pickaxe med: 3
Clear the debris.

Tap the area to clean.

Clock med: 04:00:00
Norma Jean: Ooo, a big ol' statue! Kin I climb over it, Ms. Emma? Pretty please!
“Emma is well-versed in poetry!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Fair RepairEdit

Ms. Emma: You may not climb on it, but there will be an animal to befriend later!

Help me repair the statue and I'll tell you more about him.

Search the Old Mine for statue repair materials.

Tap the Old Mine to Explore.

Pickaxe med: 1 - 3
Retrieve the marble block.

Tap the Marble Block to Collect. (1x)

Ms. Emma: The scene before us is "The Raven", by Edgar Allan Poe, in which a raven taunts a distraught lover over his recent loss!
“Some say Poe was a raven' lunatic!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Oh Goodness, Pallas!Edit

Ms. Emma: The statue in front of us is the "bust of Pallas" in the poem.

According to Greek mythology, the goddess Athena killed Pallas and took her name. Oh goodness!

Repair the bust of Pallas.

Tap Poe's Raven to Upgrade.

Clock med: 02:00:00
Norma Jean: That jest don't sound right, Ms. Emma.

Tell me more 'bout this poem ta cheer me up, will ya?

“Athena got a temple, but Pallas has no palace!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Ponder & DespondEdit

Ms. Emma: The poem itself sounds very lovely, with lots of internal rhyming to appeal to popular taste:

"Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore..."

Search the canyon for exotic material.

Tap the Canyon to Explore.

Pickaxe med: 3
Retrieve the exotic velvet.

Tap the Exotic Velvet to Collect. (1x)

Clock med: 03:00:00
Ms. Emma: As the man despondently ponders the loss of his love Lenore, a raven hops through his window and atop the bust of Pallas!
“It was fowl weather outside!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Rhyme TimeEdit

Ms. Emma: The chair we're to repair is the one he sits on in front of his door to observe the raven saying, "Nevermore!"
Repair the velvet chair.

Tap Poe's Raven to Upgrade.

Clock med: 08:00:00
Norma Jean: Ms. Emma, yer doin' a fair bit a' rhymin' yerself!

Now 'bout this bird friend ya mentioned...

“Emma is rather chairitable with her repairs!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Script SummonEdit

Ms. Emma: Yes, the raven! Perhaps reading the rest of the poem will summon him:

"... On the morrow he will leave me, as my hopes have flown before. Then the bird said, 'Nevermore'."

Search the canyon for the rest of Poe's manuscript.

Tap the Canyon to Explore.

Pickaxe med: 2
Retrieve the manuscript.

Tap "The Raven" Manuscript to Collect. (1x)

Clock med: 03:00:00
Ms. Emma: "But still the raven all beguiling all my sad soul into smiling..."

"Straight I wheeled a cushioned seat in front of bird and bust and door..."

“The sky's the limit when reading about ravens!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Quaff Quoth QuoteEdit

Ms. Emma: Let's continue quoting to see if he'll arrive!

"Quaff, oh quaff this kind nepenthe, and forget this lost Lenore! Quoth the raven, 'Nevermore'."

Prepare the bust of Pallas for the raven's arrival!

Tap Poe's Raven to Upgrade.

Clock med: 02:00:00
Ms. Emma: Oh, goodie! Our feathered friend has arrived just in time.

Do say hello to him, Norma. 'Nevermore!', as Poe says!

“Nepenthe is a mythological memory loss drug!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Wary CareEdit

Norma Jean: Ms. Emma, I think he busted his poor leg on tha flight o'er here.

I'll take care of ya, lil' guy!

Search the Old Mine for a splint!

Tap the Old Mine to Explore.

Pickaxe med: 1 - 3
Retrieve the splint.

Tap the Splint to Collect. (1x)

Ms. Emma: Be wary of him, Norma!

Do remember he tells the narrator he'll never meet Lenore in heaven, nor will he be free of his memories of her.

“Hopefully he didn't bust it on the bust!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Evil AvianEdit

Norma Jean: I'm careful as kin be, Miss!

C'mere lil' guy so I kin tend to yer wounds. Yer just misunderstood is all!

Carefully tend to the raven's wounds!

Tap Poe's Raven to Finish.

Clock med: 06:00:00
Norma Jean: Lookit, he's already retaken his seat 'top Pallas! Though he don't look too cheerful after all we did fer him...
“The raven believes Pallas to be rather palliative!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Malicious WhisperEdit

Ms. Emma: Norma, do you hear that noise? Do my ears deceive me?

It sounds like the raven is whispering something at us....

Discern the raven's whisperings with Ms. Emma.

Tap Poe's Raven to Harvest. (1x)

2 Gold med to skip
Norma Jean: It's jest like the poem, marm. He's sayin', "Lenore, Lenore... Nevermore! Nevermore!"
“Forever Nevermore!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

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