It happens to everyone, eventually. You finish a Series and there isn't a next Series to play! The good news is that more are released every week. Every Tuesday, we get a Limited Edition Series. Most Fridays, Kiwi releases a Regular Quest Series. 

When you play daily or more, it can seem like a long time until Tuesday. What will you do in the meantime? Let's start with SiBurning' suggestions. 

SiBurning wrote:

This could make a fun thread of its own. Let's see...

  • Rearrange your town to make it the envy of the west
  • Raise a temple or three
  • Build some extra houses and buildings for future tonic and silver
  • Plant some trees to make the west greener and line your pockets
  • Plant some crops to line your pockets and your belly
  • Click, click, click away at that apple orchard or wagon train to stock up on silver and tonic
  • Cook up some cowboy stew and pioneer pies
  • Stock up on boards, bricks, and steel
  • Stock up on horseshoes and bridles
  • Play another game
  • Do some chores
  • Write a book
  • Catch up on correspondence (or tweet a twit)
  • Volunteer for a good cause
  • Visit the Sick
  • Solve world hunger

Now let's try Raeyin's list.

OK, pick your favorite activities from either list and have fun!

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