Updated January 24, 2015

Throughout the game, the characters get houses and more houses. When a house is acquired in a Regular Quest Series, future Series "remember" it and visit the character there. On the other hand, houses bought in Limited Edition Series do not show up in future series.

Homes from Regular Quest SeriesEdit

This list shows the homes from Regular Quest Series, which may reappear in the storyline. Not all are regular Houses. Some are Catalogue Buildings and some are Regular Quest Series Buildings.

"Remembered" Homes
Character  Home Series
 1 Carson Wagon Tent Welcome Tasks
2 Ruby and Norma Hideout Maker's Affair
3 Gus Clapboard Shack Yours Mine Ours
4 Gus Derelict Train Loco Locomotive
5 Carson Pueblo Villa Ado Adobe
6 Charity Vacant Inn Armory Amour
7 Ruby

and Norma

Dugout Split Biscuit
8 Carson Stone Cottage City Planning
9 Charity Log Cabin Tea and Privacy
10 Marshall Sheriff's Office Forts and Courts
 11 Ruby

and Norma

Farm House More Chores?
12 Gus Homestead1 Hustle and Bustle
13 McManus Adobe Igloo Newcomers Welcome
14 Emma Queen Anne City Livin'
15 Ruby

and Norma

Brick House Ranch Inspection
16 McManus Barrens Bastion Bigfoot, Small Problems
17 Gus El Dorado Palace2 Callous Palace
18 Blackjack Bros. Victorian Estate Hoard Explored
19 Ruby

and Norma

French Chateau The Perfect Home
20 Charity Sideways House Accomodation Rotation
21 McManus Five Star3 Fortunate Fortifications

1 The Homestead Cabin does not show up later in the storyline. Gus is referred to as living in the Clapboard Shack.

2 Gus gives up the El Dorado Palace immediately after building it. However, the whole event is referenced repeatedly in later Series.

3 It is not clear whether Private McManus lives in the Five Star Fort.

Homes from Limited Edition SeriesEdit

Many houses may be purchased for Limited Edition Series, but these will never be referred to again. These are almost always Catalogue houses that cost gold, and the Wiki lists them as Limited Edition Series Houses or Seasonal Houses.

"Forgotten" Homes
Character  Home  Series
1 Norma Haunted House


All Hallows' Eve
 2 Carson and Ruby Playful Pavillion4 Winks and High Jinks!
3 Travelers/Tourists Redwood House Free the Tree
4 Gus Mining House Landmark Lark
5 All Residents Feasting House4 Quirky Turkey
6 Travelers/Tourists Tree House Mayan Mayhem
7 Ruby

and Norma

Winter Cabin Right On, Swan
8 Ruby Snow House6 Castle Hassle
9 Santa Clause Santa's House Because Santa Clause
10 Gus New Year Pad Calendar Challenger
11 All Residents Upside Down4 Cut a Rug
12 Travelers/Tourists Boomtown Apartments Mandatory Observatory
13 All Residents Desert Domicile4 The Show Goes On
14 Ruby Patriotic Pavilion5 Tower of the Hour
15 Carson Bamboo Shack6 Brave the Cave
15 Newlyweds Heart House A Kind of Love
17 Gus Miner Pigsty Take Heart in Heart
18 Travelers/Tourists Governor's Manse4 Hunkydory Story
19 Gus Goldtooth's Estate Westbound and Down
20 Ruby Top Hat House4 Over the Rainbow
21 Carson Colorful Igloo Bird is the Word
22 Gus Hunting Lodge4 Storm Wranglin'
23 Ruby

and Norma

Large Pueblo Volcanic Panic
24 Carson Grand Tipi Thermal Spring Fling
25 Travelers/Tourists Sand Budapest Hotel An Axe to Grind
26 Travelers/Tourists Paul Bunyan's Boot Breakfast for Champions
27 Babe the Blue Ox Babe's Vacation House Blue Bovine Bash
28 Norma Green Apple House6 Castle of Flowers
29 Gus Haunted Castle  with Scary Pool House Haunted and Unwanted
30 Travelers/Tourists Apple House Heed the Appleseed
31 Stormalong Seaside Manor Travail and Set Sail
32 Travelers/Tourists Redwood House (2) Speak Friend and Enter
33 Travelers/Tourists Seashell House Land Shark Amusement Park
34 Norma Future House4 Summer Solstice Solace
35 Carson Arrow House6 Mystery of the Lost Supplies
36 Ruby Mustache House6 Impede the Stampede
37 Norma Barrel House6 Fertile Turtle
38 Gus Tower House4 Now My Watch Begins
39 Carson Barrel House II Garden Fun
40 Carson Neo Classical House No Pane, No Gain
41 Beavers Stockystone House Eager Beaver
42 Gus Desert Condo Ruby's Flower-to-be
43 Ruby Flower Petal House Camel Castle
44 All Residents Picnic House4 Play Away!
45 "Any young couples" Medieval House The Chance For Romance
46 Ruby Globe House4 Play Away! (2)
47 Carson and Norma Carnival House4 Merry Carousel
48 Gus Pyramid House6 Mayan Legend
49 All Residents Tyrolean House4 Aquatic Project
50 Ruby Princess Castle4 Pony Polyphony
51 Ruby Gazebo House4 Peacock Talk
52 Ruby Waterfall House4 Gratified By A Slide
53 Norma Miller's Cottage4 Dear Deer
54 Carson Harvest House6 Crow Fiasco
55 Ruby Autumn House4 Halloween Queen
56 All Residents Cobweb House4 Haunted Jaunt
57 All Residents Sand Castle House4 Sandbox Talk
58 Carson Acorn House6 Heartwarming Hearth
59 Ruby Icicle House 7 Bring On The Skating!
60 Gus Candy House6 Holiday Hankerings
61 Carson Festive House6 Swooning Tunes
62 Carson Forest Cottage 7 Feast and Furious
63 Ruby Christmas Cabin House6 Birdhouse Bonanza
64 Ruby Peppermint House Holiday Memory
65 Carson Luminous House6 Pining For Pines
66 Santa Clause Santa's House North Pole: Crumbled Homes
67 Elves Elf Commune North Pole: Crumbled Homes
68 Mister Snowman Snowman House North Pole: Aching For Baking
69 Husky Husky Igloo North Pole: Unhappy Husky
70 Ruby Holiday House6 North Pole Postbox
71 Norma Christmas Castle4 At First White
72 Norma Snowflake House4 Catch Off Garden
73 Carson Nautical House Maiden Voyage
74 Ruby Swiss House Matterhorn Madness
75 Norma Blizzard Cabin4 Moose Fair Lady
76 Norma Hockey House4 Rink Again

4 These houses are not intended as living quarters.

5 This is talked about as if Ruby is getting a new house. However, the picture is not of a structure she could live in.

6 The purpose of these are not explained. I am attributing them to whoever had the idea.

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