In Westbound you complete actions by assigning your Helpers to complete tasks. This can be quests, planting and watering crops, clearing an object, mining, opening chests, etc. In other words, without helpers you can't do much of anything.

Fortunately you will receive four helpers early in the game for free. You can buy more helpers with large amounts of gold. Additionally you will receive one more helper via a quest.



Carson is a lead character within the game. Once you join the game you will begin with Carson.

Cost: Free

Received from quest: Welcome Tasks

Bio: Carson keeps adventure close to his heart. But he keps Ruby Mae even closer. He will stop at nothing to win over Ruby Mae's heart.

Ruby MaeEdit


Ruby is a lead character within the game.

Cost: Free

Received from quest: Welcome Tasks

Bio: Whilst Carson can't get Ruby off his mind, Ruby has other things on her mind. Such as sprucing up the canyon and fixin' some good ol' home-cooked meals. Can Carson win her love or will she keep him at bay?

Gus GoldtoothEdit


Gus is a lead character within the game.

Cost: Free

Received from quest: Introductory Series

Norma JeanEdit


Norma Jean is a lead character within the game. She is Ruby's daughter.

Cost: Free

Received from quest: Ado Adobe



Cost: 200 Gold

Introduced as a character in Armory Amour quest; does not become a helper unless purchased.

Bio: Charity is a rich girl from the city looking for a little more in life. Will she find what she's looking for or will she lose it all?

Marshall HarlanEdit


Cost: Free

Received from quest: Sculpture and Horticulture

U.S. Marshal, which is kind of like a sheriff only higher rank. Marshall with 2 ll's is a name, with 1 l can be a name or a job title.



Cost: Free

Received from quest: Trailsweeper

Private McManusEdit

Soldier (Private is the lowest level of soldier) who is on leave.


Cost: 250 Gold

Ms. EmmaEdit

Schoolteacher who was headed for California but was convinced to stay in the canyon.


Cost: 300 Gold



Cost: 350 Gold

Elijah has yet to be introduced. We know nothing about him. However, he is available for purchase.

Blackjack Brothers Edit

Notorious (former?) thieves. Card players and cheats.

Bill Blackjack Edit


Cost : 400 Gold

Emmet Blackjack Edit


Cost : 450 Gold

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