Steel Foundry


Level Steel Time Iron Silver Iron/Silver per Steel
 1 1 30 min  8 800 8/800
2 3 1 hr 24 2,160 8/720
3 7 2 hrs 56 4,480 8/640
4 16 4 hrs 108 9,600 7/600

How to GetEdit

At level 13, you get the Quest Series The Lost Workshop II. In that Series, you discover and clesr the Foundry.


It is always advantageous to upgrade workshops. Once fully upgraded, it gives you the option of doing any level contract. Higher level contracts use less silver and time per steel. Also, level 4 contracts use less iron per steel.


Wt foundry generator first

Level 1Edit

Wt foundry generator last

Level 2Edit

Wt foundry generator last 2

Level 3Edit

Wt foundry generator last 3

Level 4Edit

Wt foundry generator market

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