Poets Society XI
Vexing Vines, Poets Society XII
Release Date: November 18, 2014
Number of Pickaxes: 7-13
Minimum Amount of Time to Uncover Items in the Canyon: 25:00:00
Quest Structures Uncovered and Built:
Gold Sluice
Catalogue Items Purchased, Built, or Planted:
Structures and Collectables Needed:
What the Colors Mean:
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QUEST: Thorn ScornEdit

Gus: My gold tooth is achin' mightily again. You know what this means, whippersnapper!
Search the canyon for the source of gold!

Tap the Canyon to Explore.

Pickaxe med: 2
Carefully clean the thorns off the hill. Ouch!

Tap the area to Clear.

Clock med: 04:00:00
Gus: Whoever put those thorns there sure didn't want prospectors like m'self nosin' about!
“Gus is putting his mouth where the money is!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Ache 'N StakeEdit

Gus: Now that my gold tooth's stopped achin', les git to staking our claim!
Search the old mine for prospecting materials!

Tap the Old Mine to Explore.

Pickaxe med: 1 - 3
Retrieve the wooden sluice.

Tap the Wooden Sluice to Collect.

Gus: You've never staked a claim before?

It's easy! You just gotta start minin' the lode before another lucky feller shows up.

“I've claimed steaks, but never staked a claim!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Proper PaperworkEdit

Marshall Harlan: I am afraid that staking a lode claim is actually quite involved, Mr. Goldtooth.

You must also establish a visible perimeter around the entirety of your claim and submit the proper paperwork to me.

Erect the wooden sluice to stake the claim!

Tap the Gold Sluice to Upgrade.

Clock med: 02:00:00
Gus: This sluice happens ta wrap real nice-like 'round the entirety of this claim, wouldn't ya say, whippersnapper?
“Where's your paperwork, Gus?!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Muck YukEdit

Gus: You ever use a sluice before? You need a real fine-toothed grate to filter out the muck!
Search the old mine for a fine-toothed grate.

Tap the Old Mine to Explore.

Pickaxe med: 1 - 3
Retrieve the cast iron grate.

Tap the Cast Iron Grate to Collect.

Private: That sure was a 'grate' find, citizen! Haw haw!
“McManus needs to be sued for pun-itive damages!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Tarnation, BotherationEdit

Gus: Let's get to prospectin' afore that blockhead McManus causes us further botheration!
Add grating to the sluice!

Tap the Gold Sluice to Upgrade.

Clock med: 08:00:00
Gus: Tarnation! I got so worked up stakin' our claim I plain forgot where I left my water pump!
“A sluice without water is just a splintery slide!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Pump ChumpEdit

Outlaws: Did you hear that, Emmett? He needs a pump, he says!

I sure did, Bill. Let us help our friend Gus out by 'locating' his pump for him!

Search the river for the pump.

Tap the River Raft to Explore.

Pickaxe med: 1 - 3
Retrieve the cast iron pump.

Tap the Cast Iron Pump to Collect.

Outlaws: Would'ja look at that, Bill! What fortuitous luck that his pump should be the first place we looked!

Ha ha! What are the chances 'a that?

“Bill! The chances are 100%, you dunce!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Venture VultureEdit

Outlaws: Gus, our dear friend! We seem to have come upon a suitable replacement for your pump.

What say you to a joint venture of, perhaps... 50-50?

Negotiate with the Blackjack Brothers!

Tap the Gold Sluice to Upgrade.

Clock med: 02:00:00
Gus: 50-50 with a mother lode this size? No way, ya bunch 'a thievin' raccoons!

Lowest I'll go is 70-30, I reckon. Fair's fair?

“Say, that pump seems familiar, don't it...?”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Magnify & AgonizeEdit

Ms. Emma: Oh dear, oh dear! I do hope I am not too late!

I've misplaced my magnifying glass in the canyon. Please assist me with locating it!

Search the canyon for Emma's magnifying glass.

Tap the Canyon to Explore.

Pickaxe med: 2
Quickly retrieve the magnifying glass!

Tap the Magnifying Glass to Collect.

Clock med: 03:00:00
Ms. Emma: My gemological studies have indicated that Gus's purported mother lode cannot possibly exist!
“His mother lode is from another lode!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Tooth TruthEdit

Gus: Now Miss, my gold tooth ain't ne'er lied before, but if what yer sayin' is true...
Run the sluice and inspect the gold.

Tap the Gold Sluice to Upgrade.

Clock med: 06:00:00
Ms. Emma: I will perform an analysis and return at once.

We will use science to reveal the truth!

“Is it real or fake? It could be either ore.”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Career CriminalEdit

Ms. Emma: It is just as I feared: someone has made off with the real mother lode and replaced it with a well-crafted fake.

Who could have done such a thing?

Track down the Blackjack Brothers and confront them again!

Tap the Gold Sluice to Harvest. (1x)

2 Gold med to skip
Outlaws: It wasn't us this time, honest! We've got much bigger fish to fry than this hogwash lode of yours.

Heed our word though: whoever pulled this job ain't no small-time career criminal. That fool's gold nearly fooled e'en us!

“More fake gems and gold! The mystery deepens!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

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