Clay Hill
  • Quest Series: Ado Adobe (Sept 18, 2013)
  • Size: 2x2


Level  Adobe  Time  Silver  Silver per adobe
1 1 15 min 300 300
2 5

?1 hr

1,350 270
3 11 2 hrs 2,640 240
4 24 4 hrs 5,400 225

How to GetEdit

If you are looking for the Clay Hill, you should have one of the following Series. Work on each Series until the next appears. Then, work on Ado Adobe until you have the Clay Hill. 


Materials Generators will always be more helpful if you upgrade them. Upgrading makes more contact options available to you. A Level 4 Clay Hill can do any size adobe contract. The larger contracts give you more adobe for your silver and time. This is especially important with the Clay Hill because you cannot get adobe from clutter. Iron and wood are available in clutter (debris).


Wt clay hill generator first

Level 1Edit

Wt clay hill generator last

Level 2Edit

Wt clay hill generator last 2

Level 3Edit

Wt clay hill generator last 3

Level 4Edit

Wt clay hill generator market

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