Poets Society VI
Art Attempt, Poets Society VII
Release Date: October 13, 2014
Number of Pickaxes: 8-14
Minimum Amount of Time to Uncover Items in the Canyon: 25:00:00
Quest Structures Uncovered and Built:
Painter's Corner
Catalogue Items Purchased, Built, or Planted:
Structures and Collectables Needed:
What the Colors Mean:
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QUEST: Peaceful PaintingEdit

Ruby Mae: Ms. Emma's lessons have inspired me to create beautiful art. Help me create a painter's corner so we may paint in peace!
Find the perfect place to create some art!

Tap the Canyon to Explore.

Pickaxe med: 2
Clear the debris.

Tap the area to clean.

Clock med: 04:00:00
Ruby Mae: What is a painter's corner, you ask? Why, it's a quiet, cozy respite from which we may paint the world!
“Ruby's already painted herself into a corner!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Decoration InspirationEdit

Ruby Mae: A painter's corner must motivate its artists to greatness. Let us find an energizing decoration to inspire us!
Search the Old Mine for a colorful decoration.

Tap the Old Mine to Explore.

Pickaxe med: 1 - 3
Retrieve the colorful rug.

Tap the Colorful Rug to Collect. (1x)

Ruby Mae: To think that such a rug had been sitting unused in the mine! It won't gather dust so long as we use it now.
“It must be quite rugged by now!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Oriented & VibrantEdit

Ruby Mae: I simply cannot decide which angle best captures the natural light in the canyon. Do help me decide, will you, friend?
Help Ruby orient the rug.

Tap the Painter's Corner to Upgrade.

Clock med: 02:00:00
Ruby Mae: Yes! That was a most splendid stroke of genius, friend! Our paintings will surely be all the more vibrant now!
“Oriental rugs are already oriented!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Rug TuggedEdit

Gus: Eh? I know I left it around here somewhere...

Pard, I think some rascal dun nabbed my nappin' rug from the mine! Les go after him!

Investigate the Old Mine for the rug thief.

Tap the Old Mine to Explore.

Pickaxe med: 1 - 3
Capture the thief!

Tap the Easel to Collect. (1x)

Gus: Hoo-wee, you thought you'd gotten away, didn't ya?

Hold him there, pard, I'mma give 'im what fer!

“The thief is a real nap nabber!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Thief DebriefedEdit

Ruby Mae: Mr. Goldtooth, stop this instant! That is a painter's easel, not a thief, and we have your rug right here.

Would you care to join us as we paint the canyon?

Erect the easel before Gus beats it up!

Tap the Painter's Corner to Upgrade.

Clock med: 08:00:00
Gus: Sure as shootin' I'll cotton to beautifyin' the canyon with paint!

Though I would still like ta use my nappin' rug fer its original purposes erry now 'n then...

“We're not actually "painting" the canyon, Gus!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: More The MerrierEdit

Ruby Mae: Fantastic! The more the merrier!

Now that there are more of us, we must ensure everyone has adequate painting supplies. To the canyon!

Search the canyon for additional supplies.

Tap the Canyon to Explore.

Pickaxe med: 3
Retrieve the craft wood.

Tap the Rustic Wood to Collect. (1x)

Clock med: 03:00:00
Ruby Mae: I don't suppose you'd be willing to craft us some rustic furniture, would you Mr. Goldtooth?
“Yeah, Gus! Wood you?”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Rustic GusEdit

Gus: Fer the sake of art, I'll make anythang you want, Miss! Up 'n at 'em, pard!
Create some rustic furniture with Gus.

Tap the Painter's Corner to Upgrade.

Clock med: 02:00:00
Ruby Mae: You did a most commendable job, Mr. Goldtooth! All we need now are some paints for the vibrant scenes I have in mind.
“A man named Art will do anything for his own sake!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Paint ComplaintEdit

Gus: I wish I could help ya, but mah paints rolled themselves into the river the other day!
Search for Gus's paints.

Tap the River Raft to Explore.

Pickaxe med: 1 - 3
Retrieve the soaking box of paints.

Tap the Box of Paints to Collect. (1x)

Gus: Okay, maybe I accident'lly kicked 'em in. But they didn't swim back up 'er nuthin'!
“Artists would have no taste without their palettes!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Happy AccidentEdit

Ruby Mae: I do hope these paints are not too soggy to be of use. There is only one way to find out!
Paint a nature scene with Ruby!

Tap the Painter's Corner to Finish.

Clock med: 06:00:00
Ruby Mae: My goodness, look at how the colors run together so freely! This is even better than we could have hoped for!
“Gus had a real stroke of genius there!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Art StartEdit

Ruby Mae: Let us paint to our heart's content!

There are so many things to draw inspiration from in the canyon. Where do you think you will start?

Contemplate artistic canyon scenes with Gus.

Tap the Painter's Corner to Harvest. (1x)

2 Gold med to skip
Gus: Eh? What?

Hehe, you whippersnappers caught me takin' a nap on mah nappin' rug. I was paintin' in my dreams, I was!

“He was painting scenes from the Land of Nod!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

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